Android: Sounds

It's not just the look of your phone that you can customise. Head over to the Sounds menu after you've hit the Menu key and gone to Settings and several bus rides of fiddling will get plonked in your lap.

Blacklist contacts
If there's someone you don't to speak to, head into your Contacts section and it's possible to blacklist them. It depends on your handset but the way to do it on straight Android is to select the name from the contacts list, hit the Menu key, then Options and you'll see a check box turn up with "send calls directly to voicemail". On UI's such as TouchWiz, you might see the option as Blacklist or another such name. It's under the More section when you hit the Menu key. You can view who's currently in your bad books on some phones if you head to Settings, Call and then the Call Rejection area.

Gold list contacts
Ok, so there's no such thing as a Gold List but you get the point; this is for people you really like. While you can quite easily create groups for your contacts, quite a nice way of doing it is to assign special ringtones for people that you always want to pick up for. That way, you don't have to take your handset out of your pocket to know that you don't want to answer it. Under each contact, you'll find a sub-menu where you can choose the sound for each person.

MP3 ringtones
While you're customising your friends' contacts profiles, do remember that you don't just have to use the ringtones that come as standard on your handset. Sure, you can download a few more but better still is to use your own MP3s. So, whether that's a voice clip, amusing sound or song that reminds you of them, click on where it currently says Default Ringtones on their contacts card and hit Select Sound from My Files or the equivalent on your UI.

Silence your e-mails
Is the notification of a new e-mail's arrival really as important as receiving a text? Worth asking yourself, particularly if you get spammed a fair bit. You can turn off the e-mail notification noise or just change it to something else. Hit Menu once in the Gmail app, then More and you'll find the options you're after at the bottom of the Settings menu.