CD/DVD Labeling with LightScribe

When burning CDs or DVDs a respectable label is still missing for a professional-looking appearance. You accomplish this with the LightScribe technology easily and quickly. With LightScribe you will label your CDs/DVDs like a pro.

Anyone who has burned a CD or DVD and wants to make them visually appealing, is usually dissatisfied with the conventional methods. The hand-written label just does not look professionally, printing using an inkjet printer requires a special printer and special blanks, bonding with the self-printed labels can cause read errors. These solutions also are not colorfast over time.

One solution is the LightScribe process. LightScribe was developed by HP and LiteOn to label a blank CD/DVD on the label side of the disk right in the CD/DVD burner. An appropriately equipped LightScribe-enabled burner and special CD/DVD media are necessary for this "tattoo" . The software for creating the graphics and the control of the LightScribe burning is provided with appropriate burners, so there are no additional costs incurred.

A LightScribe-CD/DVD blank is provided with a photosensitive surface coating on the label side, which changes its color by writing with infrared laser light (wavelength 780 nm). The laser light causes a chemical modification in the coating with a precisely controlled light energy and the laser spot changes to a motif at a high resolution by the rotation of the blank CD/DVD.

The main advantage of the LightScribe technology is therefore in the free combination of graphic elements with text and a clean and smudge-proof labeling. These tips will help you to achieve the best results while labeling and handling:

Note: The market doesn't yet offer Blu-ray blanks with LightScribe recordable surfaces. While there are "printable" Blu-ray blanks, but therewith are meant surfaces to be printed in suitably equipped inkjet printers.