Share Internet Access Easily

If you have multiple computers at home (e.g. Office desktop, kids computer, laptop, visitors) that need to access the Internet and you don't want to swap cables and lay them all over the floor from room to room, there's an easy and inexpensive way to solve this problem without tearing up walls or running cables.

Wireless networking. It's as easy as connecting a wireless access point to your Internet connection (cable or DSL most likely) and installing a wireless network adapter into each of your computers. Many laptops come standard with wireless capabilities nowadays. If your desktop computers are newer and support USB, connecting wireless networks adapters (see image inset).

Now you just configure the access point. Then, using your desktop computer's or laptop's wireless networking software, you'll scan for your access point and connect. That's it. Now get a nice cool drink, head out to the back patio and read your favorite news travel website wire-free.