Hourly rate: $50.00
Callout fee: $50.00 (included is one hour of labour)
There after I calculate $12.50 for each additional quarter hour.

In addition, I do charge fixed prices for certain services and part replacements. Those prices are listed below (all prices in AUD):

Virus/Spyware Scan and Removal (depending on severity)
$80.00 - $120.00
Data Backup to an external HD
Data Restore from an external HD
Data Transfer between computers
Data Recovery from faulty or formatted hard drive / partition
Part Replacement (Fitting only)
Laptop RAM (Memory)
Laptop Keyboard
Laptop LCD Screen
Laptop Mainboard
Desktop RAM (Memory)
Desktop Mainboard

If I order parts for you, I pass my suppliers original retail price (plus shipping cost) on to you.

e.g. Laptop Screen Replacement
Dell Vostro 1000 Laptop LCD Screen Display ($159.00)
+ Shipping ($18.00)
+ Fitting ($80.00)
Your Price: $257.00

If several things have to get done, I will talk to you about the job, and we will arrange an individual price. However, a maximum of $200.00 for labour is charged per job.

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